Percussive Artistry is a percussion ensemble that features a variety of musical styles including Calypso, Ragtime, Classical, Jazz, foot-stomping Drumline numbers, and many more. All types of instrumentation are used including the marimba, timpani, congas, drumset, and all the interesting percussion instruments in between.

Their performance not only contains quality music but also theatrics to inspire audience participation and laughter. In addition, each of the percussionists change instruments between each number which many audience members find fascinating. Many people stick around after the performance just to ask which instrument made what sounds. Their 60 minute show keeps audiences engaged the whole performance.

Percussive Artistry is comprised of the following members:

  • Cydney Thomson
  • Mike Anders
  • Brad Clasgens
  • Amanda Dodson
  • Tony Hicklen
  • Robert Johnson
  • Stephen Johnson
  • Henry Thomson
  • Ron Unger

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