Concert 1

Our first concert was May 30, 2008 at St. Mark’s Lutheran church in Huntsville, AL.  Following is the program for the concert.

Let the Big Dawg Eat
by Chris Brooks
Prelude in E Minor
by Frederic Chopin, Arranged by David Steinquest
Dialogue for Snare Drum and Timpani (Robert Johnson/Cydney Thomson)
by Garwood Whaley
Dill Pickles
by Charles Johnson, Arranged by Ed Argenziano
Yellow After the Rain (Patrick Powers)
by Mitchell Peters
Rockin’ Rickie Rocket
by Lalo Davila
Sabre Dance (Tony Hicklen, xylo solo)
by Aram Khachaturian, Arranged by James Moore
Mango Bay (Cydney Thomson)
by Julie Davila
by Jim Casella

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