Concert 8

Below, you will see the program from our concert held May 19, 2012 at First Christian Church, 3209 Whitesburg Dr., Huntsville, AL.

Special Guest Artists

Christy Clasgens, Stephen Johnson, Justin Swearinger and Melanie Payne.

Huntsville Ballet Company – Catherine Hampton, Abby Callahan, Kathryn Van Yahres

Huntsville Ballet School – Willa Maples, Miranda Worley, Truman Lemire, Nathaniel Otto

Big Yellow Mambo
by David Steinquest
by Jim Casella
I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues
by Elton John, Bernie Taupin and Davey Johnston
Digga-digga Digga-digga Digga-digga Digga-digga Deegot
by David Jarvis
Prelude in E Minor
by Frederic Chopin, Arr. David Steinquest
Comic Relief
by Chris Crockarell
Take Hold of Me
by Olin Johannessen
The Addams Family Meets the Munsters
by Vic Mizzy and Jack Marshall, Arr. David Steinquest
Lost Souls
by Nathan Daughtrey
Barnyard Boogie
by Chris Crockarell
Summer Fantasy
by Eckhard Kopetzki
Tambourin Chinois
by Fritz Kreisler, Arr. George Hamilton Green
Take the “A” Train
by Billy Strayhorn, Arr. Chris Brooks

We gratefully acknowledge the support of:

Becky Waters, Music Director, First Christian Church,

Dr. Guy McCombs, Pastor, First Christian Church

Phillip Otto, Artistic Director, Huntsville Ballet

John Baudendistel, Cameron Sullivan,

Christy Clasgens, Stephen Johnson,

Joe Cochran, WLRH


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